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16355 South Houghton Road, Vail, AZ 85641
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Phone number:
+1 520-762-5252

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Working hours

Tuesday 09:00am — 05:00pm
Wednesday 09:00am — 05:00pm
Thursday 09:00am — 05:00pm
Friday 09:00am — 05:00pm
Saturday 09:00am — 04:00pm
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Corona Hair Salon


  • Angela McBride
    Nov, 04 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I don’t even know where to begin. Rosa cut my hair. I have thick hair but have had a short a-line pixie cut for over 2 years. I know what a razor cut does for the look of my hair. When asked if I wanted a razor cut, I said no thank you. Before I knew she had the razor out of her drawer and slid it down the front of my bangs. I now have 1/4 inch bangs in the middle of my face that stick strait up. The sides of my hair are longer that the middle. The hair on the crown of my head is as short as my bangs. It’s awful and I cried the whole way home. When I said something about how short my bangs were, she kept blaming it on my widow’s peak and the thickness of my hair. She even tried to convince me that the pictue I showed her was just as short and then offered to “thin out” the top of my hair. I was shocked that she charged me and was so upset I didn’t know what else to do besides pay her, I had never been in that kind of a situation before. Needless to say, I don’t do confrontation well. I called the salon a few hours later and politely asked for my $25 back. She apologized and said “I was going to call you and offer to give your money back.” I’m now in Tucson at another salon (wearing a hat) hoping they can help me. I’m not a vicious person, writing this review is hard for me because I love supporting small local businesses. If you do end up going here...make sure you speak up and advocate for your hair!
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